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8.5" X 11"- Vellum Translucency Paper for Laser Printers

8.5" X 11"- Vellum Paper

(100 Sheets)
(500 Sheets)

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Our Vellum Paper is a high-quality vellum paper designed for laser printers for making positives and recommended forstracing paper. This vellum paper is recommended for laser printers. The laser printer vellum is far more common. The advantages of laser-ready vellum paper are low cost, dashing through your laser printer, and being available in various sizes.
If you are printing line art and medium-sized text (14 pt. or higher), it works reasonably well. We do not recommend making screens with images that contain halftones, fine lines, or small dots. For creating film positives for multi-color jobs, inkjet film is ideal,
One disadvantage is that vellum paper will shrink slightly when running through a laser printer, which may cause registration problems for creating film positives for multi-color screen printing. That is why some printers prefer Laser paper, which offers superior dimensional and heat stability for good registration. *High toner adhesion and UV-resistant image at lower levels of toner consumption.

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