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XENSOL Degradant, Wash and haze remover for all Inks

XENSOL Degradant and Wash for all Inks

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Product Code: C-1015

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XENSOL, removes all inks on the screen, and is a very good ghost and haze remover- A great ink Degradant and Wash for all Inks, including UV, Solvent and Plastisol ink. Xensol is based on the chemistry that works, safe and affordable.

  • when you are ready to remove the ink, you need a product that is fast acting and is designed to dissolving the ink quickly and most importantly it is safe to use for the workers and the environment. first, rinse the screen with water and then apply xensol. you may spray or put in automatic machine as it has higher flash point over 195f . once the inks is completely dissolved that should occur in few seconds, wash the dissolved ink by a power washer. for tough stains, leave xensol for 30 minutes and scrub the screen with xensol still on the screen and then power wash the haze. make sure that you wash the screen good after the ink and stains are removed. To remove haze and ghost, apply by spraying or by a rag, leave it on the screen for few minutes and power wash the haze.

  • removes all types of inks by dissolving the inks -as it penetrates into the ink quickly and deeply lifting the ink and the haze on the screen
  • does not smell bad (smell is in the nose of the beholder)
  • is a non-flammable cleaner
  • does not carry any hydrocarbon or chemicals on sara list
  • is not a hazardous product
  • is environmentally friendly
  • is not a caustic based product and that is why it does not attack or damage the mesh on screen as some haze removers do due to the caustic nature of those products.

  • volume: 8.9lbs./gallons
  • health (1) flammability (2) reactivity (0) protection (b)

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