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Screen Printing Emulsion Supplies and Accessories.

Finding the right screen printing emulsion depends on the type of printing, the ink being used, the speed of exposure (exposure systems), type of stencil required and the filtration issues on automatic units(such as I-Image from M&R), and shelf life of the emulsion. There are basic Diazo emulsions, mainly for the textile industry. Then the industry offers the Dual Cure emulsions, meaning that the emulsion is catalyzed or polymerized through two self-governing or autonomous process simultaneously- The third is the SBQ or one part emulsions- They are faster exposing. The Photopolymer Emulsions (SBQ) could also be Dual Cure, meaning that there are monomers in the product so that the SBQ emulsion would cure in a separate way but at the same time.

We carry a complete line of Screen Printing Emulsion supplies.

Our Emulsions cover the broad spectrum of screen printing from water base, UV, Plastisol to solvent base inks. The emulsion products are very basic products and as complicated and as expensive as they have been offered in the USA, just like the pharmaceutical industry. The important factors to look for are the following: The emulsion should yield a strong stencil so that it may not break down during the printing

  • It should be easily reclaimable.
  • The speed of exposure.
  • The flow of the emulsion is important so that you get a smooth and even film.
  • The solids determine how many microns of emulsion would be left on the screen after drying.
  • The ability to produce image with fine lines and half tones.
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Diazo for Emulsion Diazo for Emulsion
ADD TO CART: $9.00
XER5 Emulsion Remover Concentrate XER5 Emulsion Remover Concentrate
ADD TO CART: $13.99

902 QDC Dual Cure Emulsion 902 QDC Dual Cure Emulsion
ADD TO CART: $25.00

Emulsion Scoop Coater Emulsion Scoop Coaters
ADD TO CART: $26.10

QXL Photopolymer Hybrid Emulsion QXL Photopolymer Emulsion
ADD TO CART: $27.00

PER100 Emulsion Remover PER100 Emulsion Remover
ADD TO CART: $28.00
NOVA Emulsion Screen Printing NOVA Emulsion Screen Printing
ADD TO CART: $37.00