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QXL Photopolymer emulsion

QXL Photopolymer Hybrid Emulsion

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QXL Photopolymer Emulsion HYBRID for Plastisol and Solvent ink.

QXL Photopolymer Emulsion HYBRID for Plastisol and Solvent ink is based on SBQ and photo monomers technology. QXL Photopolymer Emulsion is fast drying and fast exposing- QXL
carries some of the fastest monomers with very effective photo-initiators to make the product faster, specially for LED lights. QXL is both high in solids and viscosity- You do not have to apply too many coatings to get the optimum emulsion film thickness.

This Photopolymer emulsion is recommended for Plastisol, Solvent, and water-based ink systems.

QXL may also work for water-based inks by adding a small amount of Diazo. QXL offers durability and excellent image, and yields a smooth, even coating, sharp edges, and high resolution. since this emulsion is based on SBQ technology, it does not require Diazo for Plastisol and Solvent inks and should be handled only in a yellow-safe light environment. Because of their high solids content, coated screens dry in less time, and require fewer coats. in most cases, one coat on each side of the screen is all that is needed.


QXL(Blue) is a well-proven SBQ one-part photopolymer used by some of the largest printers in the country. QXL is a suitable replacement for QTX, ORANGE, QLT, CHROMA-LIME, CHROME-BLUE, PL2, PV, HVP, LBX, and HXT.
Before applying the emulsion to the screen, make sure that the screen is cleaned with Degreaser and dried thoroughly. let the emulsion dry and then wash with a soft mist of water to create the image


QXL may be able to replace any One-part Part (SBQ) emulsion offered in the screen printing industry.
  • works for Plastisol, water-based (Diazo should be added) ink systems and solvent ink systems
  • heavy so that you may not require too many coats - If a thinner viscosity is required, add 4 oz. of water to a gallon of QXL.
  • Dries faster due to higher solids
  • Very fast exposure
  • long shelf life
  • easy to re-claimer
  • very high resolution
  • zero pinholes if applied properly
  • excellent edge definition and bridging
  • Also available in Peach and Lime colors
  • Works good with LED light- 4-7 seconds exposure time
Specifications Data:
  • Color: Blue
  • Solids: 46% +- 1
  • Viscosity: 13,000/15,000 cps at 20 rpm-26C

QXL is a very fast exposing emulsion. In some of LED units, it may require 4-5 seconds to expose 1/1 application. The best suggestion is that before exposing, use the wedge step procedure to determine the optimum exposure time. For LED units start with 4 to 7 seconds and up to ten seconds. The distance for the exposure should be about one and a halftimes the diagonal measurement of the art work from point light sources. yellow and orange mesh require at least 50% more time than white mesh. the times given below are based on white mesh at approximately 40 inches. Metal Halide 25 seconds 3000 watts carbon arc 20 seconds 60 amps fluorescent tubes 35-60 seconds 40 watts
Exposure times below were set for 5 kw unit at 40" from frame.
110 yellow polyester mono-filament mesh
*coating coater suggested
technique edge min. exp. time
  • 1 by 1 round 27 sec.
  • 1 by 2 round 30 sec.
  • 1 by 3 round 40 sec.

230 yellow polyester mono-filament mesh
*coating coater suggested
technique edge min. exp. time
  • 1 by 1 round 18 sec.
  • 1 by 2 round 20 sec.
  • 1 by 3 round 25 sec.
  • If image does not open that means you over exposed the emulsion.
* Though QXL Photopolymer emulsion yields a pin hole free screen, in case of any pin holes, use block-out to close the pin holes.

*To reclaim use: XER 5, XER10 or XER25 (diluted 4 to 1, 9:1 and 24 to one) Reclaimer to remove unwanted stencil.

That is what QXL offers:
  • 1: The latest technology has given Screen Printers the tools through fast exposing Hybrid Dual Cure SBQ Emulsions that should have good latitude and may be used for all ink systems.
  • 2: The emulsion should dry faster and should resist humidity.
  • 3: It should bring in high clarity, sharpness of the image, meaning good resolution and high edge definition.
  • 4: It should have high solids to give high E.O.M (For two to one coating on 110 counts, 23 microns) and at the same time should not clog filters on I- unit from M&R, or the sewer system.
  • 5: Must reclaim as easy as possible, even when the Screen Printer uses stronger Press Wash and Ink degradent- A good Emulsion can withstand solvents.
  • 6: After easy reclaiming, there should be no haze left from the emulsion
  • 7: The emulsion may be used for Plastisol, Solvent, and UV and Water base inks.
  • 8: The Emulsion should have excellent coating properties with good flow and leveling so that it goes on to the screen evenly and smoothly.
  • 9: On a clean screen, the Emulsion should not give way to pinholes.
  • 10: The emulsion should furnish a strong stencil that should produce the longest run possible.
  • 11: Should be able to produce half tones
  • 12: One emulsion for all ink systems- QXL is recommended for UV, solvent and Plastisol ink, by adding Diazo it works perfect for water base ink.
Screen Printing Emulsion, QXL Photopolymer Emulsion

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5 of 5 Awesome at a decent price August 21, 2022
Reviewer: alan mcmanus from kershaw, SC United States  
I love shopping here because of the prices !! This emulsion is awesome and don’t rob me!!

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5 of 5 Awesome ink June 18, 2022
Reviewer: alan mcmanus from kershaw, SC United States  
This ink is the best ink I’ve used yet in my shop. So easy to print with

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5 of 5 Excellent Value March 27, 2021
Reviewer: joyce coursey from Lyons, GA United States  
This emulsion is a very good value. It works well, and exposes fast.

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5 of 5 It works best for me January 30, 2021
Reviewer: tracy obrien from Palm coast Fl United States  
The ease of use, doesn’t wash out your design. The price you can’t beat, shipping and customer service good as well. This is my go to emulsion

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1 of 5 January 28, 2020
Reviewer: Chris Beckham from Edwardsburg, MI United States  
I am having  trouble with this last batch of emulsion.  I no problem in the past with the Blue emulsion.  I am not sure if getting  green effected the way it works but It does not take much water  and it starts breaking down.  I have tried to increase my exposure time and that just made it worse because it takes more water to wash it out.  Luckily I have a few screens that have emulsion from the last batch on them that I was able to use although they are not the mesh that I prefer to use on my current jobs and it is slowing me down.  I opened this gallon on Thursday and used it on 10 screens.  I have washed out 7 of them and was not able to get any of them to work  Trying different exposure times and using a calculator. My exposure unit is a AWT  Pro Light 1.  I have used your QXL Blue and the Chroma Blue as well as the Chroma orange and they all expose with zero issues at 120 sec..  Do you have any advice for me or could it just be a bad batch? I never had this happen before.

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