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PER100 Emulsion Remover

PER100 Emulsion Remover

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PER100 Emulsion Remover Concentrate

PER100 Emulsion Remover is a very concentrated bio-degradable reclaimer liquid 1:80 (one part of per100 to 80- 100 parts of water)-6 oz bottle makes 5 gallons, it is used to remove cured emulsion from screens.

  • A highly concentrated **emulsion remover** to save money.
  • one gallon ready to use will cost you $3.00 per gallon by adding this 6 oz bottle to a 5-gallon pail of water,
  • guaranteed high potency for cleaning and removing the emulsion film and capillary film as well as a strong degreaser

Recommended Application PER100 Emulsion Remover:

  • Put the small bottle of concentrated reclaiming product per 100 liquid into a five-gallon pail and fill with water
  • apply the diluted mixture by spray- wait for thirty seconds and then use a power washer to get rid of the emulsion film.
  • make sure that you wash the screen real well so that you may not end up with residues of any reclaiming liquid on the screen. basically, all reclaimers are strong oxidizers and there is literally not much of chemistry or science behind making the product yourself. we only provide an easy solution.

*Caution: PER100 Emulsion Remover is a strong oxidizing agent- it should be dealt with caution
*Do not mix with any other product as it may attack any other chemical in emulsions, inks, solvent and water base cleaners

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