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904RT Solvent ink Emulsion

904RT Solvent ink Emulsion

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904RT Solvent ink Emulsion

904RT Solvent ink Emulsion is a fast drying dual cure photo emulsion. 904 RT is recommended for solvent and plastisol inks its also is a fast exposing diazo photo-polymer emulsion" that has great solvent resistance for solvent based inks. reclaiming of the cured film of 904 RT is easy; the screen may be reclaimed with our stripper. diazo is added by first adding room temperature water, shake properly until dissolved and then add the solution to the emulsion. mix well into the emulsion and let stand for at least 30 minutes to release any air bubbles that may have been formed.

Preparation of Screen and Emulsion:

  1. Clean the screen with degreaser and let it dry completely
  2. Add water to the diazo bottle & shake for a minute or so making sure that all of daizo is dissolved
  3. You may apply one coat of emulsion with diazo on the squeegee side and one on the print side or two coats on each side staring from the print side. the more coats you put on heavier stencil will be achieved. with a heavier stencil the exposure time will be increased. let the emulsion film dry and then you wash the screen with a mist of water to open the image area.. get all the water out by air or by blotting otherwise the residue os emulsion may run into the image area, blocking the ink. look for any pinholes. 904 rt does not usually yield any pinholes if exposed within the optimum exposure limits. if there are pinholes use block-out to close the pin holes.xenon products has an excellent block-out for this purpose..

  • excellent solvent resistance
  • broad spectrum of exposure limits, longer latitude
  • excellent resolution
  • high edge definition
  • good mesh bridging
  • fast drying
  • longer print capabilities with great durability
  • easy reclaiming
  • good humidity resistance
  • quicker exposure

Specification Data:
  • color: greenish blue
  • viscosity: 13,000/15,000 cps at 20 rpm
  • solids: 40% + -1%
  • solubility: water

distance for the exposure should be about one and a half times the diagonal measurement of the artwork from point light sources. yellow & orange mesh requires at least 50% more time than white mesh. the times given below are based on white 110 white mesh approximately 40 inches.
  • metal halide: 60 seconds for 1000 watts / 25 seconds for 3000 watts /15 seconds for 5000 watts
  • carbon arc 245 seconds for 15 amps/ 130 seconds for 30 amps/ 70 seconds for 60 amps /
  • fluorescent. tubes 180 seconds for 40 watts

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