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110 Screen Printing White Mesh

110 Screen Printing White Mesh

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110 White Mesh:



This is a high modulus (WITH HIGH ELASTICITY) polyester monofilament mesh. 110 count is considered as a higher mesh count. 110 mesh may be stretched to the maximum Newtons, up to 44N/cm2. The percentage of open area in the higher mesh is way to handle the high tack or heavier and high opacity inks. So when you are printing with white in or high opacity colors, use 110 mesh count. Printers who do not prefer under base for the dark shirts should use 86-110 mesh and PRINT/FLASH/PRINT with a high opacity ink. Though we suggest to make sure that you use high count for darker shirts, Plastisol ink, emulsion (solids and viscosity factors), type of fabrics pose special challenges and consideration.

When it comes to higher mesh mid to high 20 Newtons tension would be enough to avoid too much off-contact gap. For example, our 280 mesh with the micron size of 39 will permit to give you this tension as a perfect printing situation without having to deal with any sign of radial moire. in the case of white inks, a tension above 35N/cm2 is recommended for optimum transfer.

The comparative per modulus (the yarn's resistance to elongation) indicates the Cross -Section of the mesh that is the composition of the thread diameter and the number of threads per liner, measured at equal wrap and waft counts. These complex issues are addressed by the supplier of mesh and the printers who have the expertise in dealing with the minute details. Most of the factors that make a better print and ease of applying depends on the multiple factors starting from mesh opening, thread diameter, percentage of open area.

fabric thickness, the tension on the screen and type of emulsion (solids, the lay down and smoothness of the film of the dried emulsion on the screen), ink transfer distance and the pitch of the mesh. The most important role besides, the quality of the mesh is the type of ink being used. The softer hand (a thixotropic ink that breaks down the viscosity of the ink by moving the squeegee, sort of mechanical stirring) and using the thin-thread (specially for colors, is the way to go for a better application.

For high opacity white inks, there are in ks that may not be as soft hands as others-there you need higher mesh count 86-160, most common is 110) with bigger opening such as 80 micron that provide larger print area by stretching at higher tension. If the Plastisol ink is way too soft, you put a smaller deposit that you may need for dark shirt without under base. We see a symbiotic relationship with the type and quality of the mesh, ink, fabric being printed, type and method of printing, such as off-contact distance that should be 0.15 inch for right printing tension to transfer of the ink.

Rule of thumb is that for white ink and dark. For lighter colors and half tones, the suggested mesh count would be somewhere form 200-305, As we know that half tone printing is regenerating the image with lot of dots (elliptical) through ink. You do require small holes and opening area in the mesh, so you need a finer mesh with higher mesh count. First of all, we need a flat stencil on the garment side. Here the role of right emulsion comes into play. It is not necessarily the thickness, we do need a minimal thickness (RzS1 and lowest possible emulsion over mesh (EOM) for color inks and fine line printing- This may be achieved by having a heavier coat on the squeegee side to take care of the tonal range that would control the fluctuation in the ink deposit.

Some of the biggest printers and frame manufacturers have been using our mesh product line for years to produce high end frames with proper tensions, printiibilty and long lasting screens. Some frame manufacturers stretch higher mesh count as much as 44 Newtons. Our mesh have the greatest possible stretching properties and they do not lose the tension as rapidly as some other mesh do, usually the tension goes down as you store the frames.

-62 inches wide
-110 mesh count white
-(80 MICRONS).
-150 mesh opening
-42 open surface

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