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1-STEP, Concentrated Emulsion Remover and Ink Cleaner

1-STEP Emulsion Remover and Ink Cleaner

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1-STEP is the strongest one-part Emulsion Remover and Ink Cleaner in the industry

1-STEP stands as the preeminent singular solution for tackling stubborn emulsion and ink residues within the industry. It reigns as a concentrated immersion solution known as a Dip Tank Solution, designed for the elimination of ink remnants and emulsion stencils from screen printing frames. Representing the most convenient and cost-effective approach, 1-STEP excels in the removal of both direct emulsion and Plastisol ink residuals from screens. Notably, a significant precursor to its application is the thorough scraping off of Plastisol ink before the application of 1-STEP. This versatile solution can be employed directly, sprayed, or slightly diluted with water. Offering an improved alternative to conventional reclaimers, 1-STEP rises to the occasion when the removal of both Plastisol ink and Emulsion film is desired. Moreover, its efficacy extends to acting as a proficient degreaser and exhibiting some ability to mitigate haze.

Instructions for Preparing 1-STEP:

To address the challenge of 1-STEP's limited shelf life due to the amalgamation of two essential components in one container, our packaging approach has evolved. You are now provided with two separate containers, designated as A and B. The A portion predominantly comprises surfactants, while B embodies a potent oxidizer. Over time, part B initiates an interaction with component A, leading to alterations in color and efficacy.

Combining Part B with Part A involves shaking the two together. Upon mixing, expect the formation of some foam, which will subsequently settle within a few minutes. For optimal shelf life, introduce five parts of water alongside the addition of parts A and B. Each gallon of part A necessitates the incorporation of 110 grams of part B.

For the Dip Tank, you may be able to add five to 5 times water to 1- Step (Starting from 5 times water added) and let it stand for a few minutes or longer for the penetration of 1-Step into the ink and emulsion. If you are cleaning using a rag, add a 2:1 ratio for stubborn emulsion film, or up to a 5:1 ratio- Let it stand for one minute to break through both Plastisol ink and Emulsion.

1-STEP Emulsion Remover and Ink Cleaner, Reclaimer, Ink Remover, and Degreaser are three products (Ink remover, emulsion film remover & degreaser)combined into one product, which makes it a very economical and convenient way to perform all those functions in one step. It is best

1-STEP Emulsion Remover and Ink Cleaner reclaim Emulsions and Direct capillary film, Blockout and clean the pallet adhesive.
One Step is mainly recommended for Dip Tank, where you soak the screen with Plastisol ink for a few minutes and then power it.

  • As a stripper, it dissolves and removes direct emulsion and capillary film.
  • As an Ink Degradent, it removes the plastisol inks from the screen by dissolving the textile inks.
  • 1-STEP cleans ink by slowly degrading the plastisol ink in the Dip Tank, The excess Plastisol ink must be removed by a rag or sharp squeegee before submersing the screens in the Dip Tank for a few minutes.
  • ONE STEP may be used by spraying the screen with Plastisol and emulsion rubbing it with a rag or scrub brush and power washing it.


  • Color: Clear two parts
  • PH: 9.5

Highlights for 1-Step Emulsion Remover:

  • No VOCs
  • non-flammable, biodegradable, and safe products.
  • You may add water up to 5:1
  • offers economy and efficiency in doing four functions in one procedure, thereby saving money and time


It is necessary to remove the excess ink from the screen, apply 1- STEP Emulsion Remover on both sides of the screen by spraying or with a brush or rag, let it stand for a few minutes, scrub, and power wash. For dip tank use, scoop off excess ink before soaking for a few minutes then scrub and power wash. If haze or stains remain on the screen, use a haze remover.


We recommend ONE STEP Emulsion Remover for the Dip Tank use. The reason is that Plastisol ink cleaners (press wash, ink wash, or ink degradants) are solvent-based products. The majority of solvents dissolve or liquefy the Plastisol ink by separating PVC from the plasticizer in the mix.
Surfactant in One Step is compatible with the oxidizer; any other solvent will be attacked. The second reason for the recommendation of a Dip Tank is that the screen with ink and emulsion has to be soaked for a few minutes and then requires power washing to get a clean screen. You can add up to five -nine times water into the product and you would still have a strong cleaner and reclaimer.

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2 of 5 The product worked after multiple attempts. May 12, 2021
Reviewer: Kenneth Armstrong from Wakefield , MA United States  
To whom this may concern,
I recently purchased 1-STEP Emulsion remover and was  disappointed in the packaging. When I removed the bottle from the box, the label seemed to be a copy of the original label. The bottle itself was not full and is seemed to be missing more than a quarter from being full. When I called and left a message for customer service no one has returned my call. So for my first experience with the company it wasn't to pleasant.

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5 of 5 July 29, 2020
Reviewer: Manuel Lopez from Atascadero , CA United States  

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5 of 5 makes it easy August 28, 2019
Reviewer: Joshua from NC United States  
It isn't magic, and sometimes it still requires scrubbing, but it is a million times better than a 3 step process.  I won't use anything else.

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5 of 5 February 25, 2019
Reviewer: DeeJay Baggs from Chicago, IL United States  

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5 of 5 Very strong product July 19, 2017
Reviewer: Conor B from Miami FL  
Got all the emulsion off the screen with ease.  will use again!

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