Screen Printing supplies and equipment.

Screen Printing Supplies and Equipment at the most economical prices, combined with the highest quality, has been our passion for over 21 years.

We manufacture screen printing supplies and equipment that consist of: Photo Emulsions, Plastisol inks, Screen Chemicals, Soaps, and Adhesives. We are also a leading importer of Screen Mesh, Rubber Squeegee, and Ink Jet & and Laser films, Vellum Paper, Screen Tapes, Pellon, Scoop Coaters and Pallet Paper.

We stand behind all the screen printing supplies that we sell.

With us you will break down a superimposed notion that the American made products cannot be bought or sold at remarkably competitive prices. As a matter of fact, you do not have to sacrifice anything by holding to the promise of the highest quality and lowest possible prices.There is always this skepticism and rightfully so that the cost must be exorbitant to have a quality product, this may be true in lot of cases, however we’ve been providing for more than twenty years an alternative to screen printers to buy at a price that to some, it is difficult to grasp. We suggest you to start with a commodity item such as Scrub brush, Squeegee or Ink Jet Film and ask for sample of a product that you ought to save money. We assure you that you will be happily surprised.Try us, you will love the savings and the products, guaranteed!